We pride ourselves in offering the best solution possible to whatever computer or IT requirements that you have.

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Techware Solutions will help you get the most value from your investment by performing upgrades, repairs, and installations to your hardware and software.


Techware Solutions is also a full-service reseller of computer hardware and software. We provide computer hardware and software at a much lower price than normal, thereby reducing your costs.


Sometimes, off the shelf applications cannot meet all of your needs. If this is your situation, Techware Solutions will gladly custom design a solution for you.

Company Overview

Techware Solutions deals in computer hardware, software, accessories and offers creative, efficient and effective solutions to your problems related to accounts and finance. We pride ourselves in offering the best solution possible to whatever computer or IT requirements that you have. We also provide custom built computers; custom built accounting software, system upgrades, accounts consultancy and superior technical services to our clientele.

The team at Techware Solutions has the vision, the qualification, experience, expertise and initiative to be your smart partner. The company is privately owned and employs 35 members of staff. The company was founded in September 2014 with a humble staff complement of three members.

The future in I.T calls for smart Partnership. Presently, a lot of companies are buying from several sources using a variety of service providers. This always compromises maximum and profitable use of I.T investment. The ideal solution is partnering with a team of experts in the field of I.T who not only can provide you intimate, instant and efficient service, but also:

• Can guide your I.T strategy development in order to synchronize your I.T and corporate agendas resulting in the delivery of value.

• Have anticipated I.T vision and therefore can proactively assist you plan your Technology investments.

Our business philosophy is to strive to earn each client’s trust and loyalty by developing a good relationship over the long term. That sounds simple enough but requires a great deal of consistent effort on our part.

To make technology an asset for your business, not a problem.

We will become famous four our amazing service and our unique, comprehensive approach to meeting our client needs efficiently and effectively.

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